The Edible Garden Show

egs2Like me, I’m sure many of you have noticed friends, co-workers and family members jumping on the healthy lifestyle band-wagon.  What started as a diet has transformed into a way of life for many, even for some of us here at The Amazing Blog!  If you too have fallen into this new trend, why not venture to The Edible Garden Show next weekend 28-30 March!  In response to the rapidly rising ‘grow-your-own’ trend, The Edible Garden Show was introduced to the United Kingdom four years ago.  This award-winning event is ‘putting down roots’ at Alexandria Palace for its fourth year in order to attract more than those who are already committed to green eating and healthy living.


Arrive hungry and prepare to indulge, as The Edible Garden Show promises the opportunity to sample naturally made food and beverages like cheeses and beer.  These along with home-grown produce and livestock are only a few of the food exhibitors who will inspire a change to your typical method of purchasing and preparing food.  But healthier living has to do with more than just food!  To emphasize ‘going green’ in all areas of life, The Edible Garden Show will also feature information and demonstrations on alternative forms of energy for the home. A show like this leaves no room for want!  Tickets to the show are only £12 when purchased in advance and £16 at the door.  Directions and additional information on the show can be found here.