The Gentle-Man Range

Blog imageAs I often mention, being the only man in the office certainly has its perks, especially when male grooming products arrive!  Lucky for me, Paul Byrne at The Gentle-Man Range understands my love for ‘Great British’ skincare and sent The Amazing Blog his entire selection, including the Body Wash, Moisturiser, Post Shave Balm, Shave Cream, Face Wash and Eau De Toilette. Made from natural ingredients and excluding parabens and MITs, The Gentle-Man Range products leave skin feeling smooth and clean, just as a gentleman should be.

Keeping scents delicate, all of The Gentle-Man Range includes unique yet masculine extracts such as sandalwood, black pepper, pomegranate and lemongrass. Though I enjoyed using the entire line, I found the Eau De Toilette most pleasing. This masculine cologne incorporates the sensual extract of lavender with accents of lemon, black pepper, moss and musk to maintain a subtle yet manly scent. It has such a spectacular aroma that I had to fight off the girls in the office; they wanted to keep the Eau De Toilette for themselves! You can find The Gentle-Man Range Eau De Toilette here for £30.

Also, from the perspective of a designer, I particularly enjoy the packaging of The Gentle-Man Range. The natural beige coloured boxes correlate with the natural ingredients used in the products, while bright colour accents coordinate with the primary scent of each item. The packaging of the Pomegranate Face Wash, for example, highlights the scent with an accent of maroon. I also love that the tubes inside the boxes are sleek and black. It’s like they’re demanding to be outside the cabinet and on top of the counter.

The entire range including Body Wash, Moisturiser, Post Shave Balm, Shave Cream, Face Wash and Eau De Toilette can be purchased here, prices ranging from £13 to £30.