Marlenha – Fresh Dew Body Butter & Flourish Moisturiser

Blog ImageWe at The Amazing Blog have tried a great deal of skincare products, but we were especially impressed by natural skin care company Marlenha. Named after the exquisite red rose and universal symbol of love and beauty, all of their products are 100% hand made in Italy in small batches to ensure exceptional quality. We were lucky enough to try both the Fresh Dew Body Butter and the Flourish Moisturiser.

Marlenha prides itself on using natural, pure ingredients to preserve and protect skin’s natural beauty. The Fresh Dew Body Butter features two key ingredients: Icelandic Lichen and Red Algae. Icelandic Lichen comes from moss that grows in mountainous regions and helps to maintain skin’s natural moisture balance. Red Algae grows in the Atlantic Ocean and improves skin tissues, reducing the look of fine lines and wrinkles. The Fresh Dew Body Butter has a smooth, creamy texture that instantly left my skin feeling soft and silky.

The Flourish Moisturiser contains Collagen Beads and Hyaluronic Acid. Collagen Beads penetrate deep into the skin to enhance skin’s plumpness and radiance. Hyaluronic Acid works to form a barrier on the skin and makes it smoother. My skin felt very even and smooth after using this moisturiser. Both Marlenha products we tried were of exceptional quality and lead to remarkable results. The Fresh Dew Body Butter and Flourish Moisturiser are available here for £42 and £49 respectively.