Charbonnel et Walker - Sea Salt Banana Caramel Truffles

blog pictureIf you follow The Amazing Blog closely, you know how excited we get when we receive delicious snacks to trial, especially when they're chocolate! This week, the delectable treats we speak of come courtesy of our friends at Charbonnel et Walker. Having sampled the brand a few times before, we knew what a divine experience we were in for, and were not left disappointed. We were lucky enough to try the new Sea Salt Banana Caramel Truffles, which are a new spin on their traditional Sea Salt Caramel Truffles, and equally decadent.

Charbonnel et Walker have been crafting indulgent chocolates since 1875, making them one of Britain’s first chocolatiers. Given the royal seal of approval, they serve as chocolate manufacturers to Her Majesty The Queen, and if they’re fit for royalty, they were definitely fit for the girls and I here in the office. The Sea Salt Banana Caramel Truffles are hand-crafted with dark chocolate couverture, giving the chocolate shell its signature luscious and silky taste. The centre is filled with gooey, sweet and salty caramel that has subtle hints of banana,  the truffles finished off with a light dusting of icing sugar. Packaged in Charbonnel et Walker's signature handmade boxes, complete with satin ribbons and complimentary gift wrapping, these luxurious sweets are perfect for any special occasion, or for the occasional office splurge! To get a taste of these ‘amazing-approved’ sweets, visit Charbonnel et Walker instore or online, where they are available for £12.50.