The Frankincense Store - Perfume Oils

blog imageWe here at The Amazing Blog are always game to try new and interesting scents. And if they’re moisturising and organic too, then they’re all the better for it! Used for its healing benefits for thousands of years, frankincense helps to combat everything from stress and insomnia to coughs and stomach pains. So when The Frankincense Store sent us a selection of their perfume oils, we readied ourselves to say goodbye to all our ailments, and hello to great smelling, stress-free living.

The Frankincense Store offers beautifully aromatic perfume oils with a roller ball applicator, allowing you to rub the potent fragrance directly onto your skin. As well as the benefit of leaving a powerful scent, the roller format also makes for a really handy travel companion, negating the worry that comes with sprays and aerosols. All of the fragrances have a very distinct scent, and our personal favourite, Almas, evokes memories of hot summer nights, with notes of cedarwood and mandarine making it a wonderful aroma for spring time. Made from 100% natural ingredients, these oils offer a fragrance that lingers all day, and, unlike alcohol based scents, are really moisturising on the skin – perfect for those dry summer evenings.

With an array of different fragrances to choose from, The Frankincense Store products can be purchased online here for prices ranging from £10 to £13.50. Our favourite, Almas, is available for £10.