Lavera - Organic Self-Tanning Face Cream

blog imageWith such unpredictable weather at the moment, the girls here at The Amazing Blog have been relying on self tanning products, to get that sun-kissed healthy glow. We all have our favourite self-tanning body mousses or lotions, which we have been applying religiously, but searching for a great self-tanning product for the face can be a little trickier. You can't cover up a streaky face with a kaftan after all. Luckily we have discovered Lavera’s Organic Self -Tanning Face Cream to give our faces an even, bronzed glow.

This vegan friendly lotion is long lasting and moisturises the skin while providing a natural, light tan. With organic ingredients, like high quality macadamia oil and sunflower oil, Lavera is the ideal self-tanning facial cream. Like most self-tanning lotions, when applying it, keep it away from the hair line as well as the eyebrows to prevent colour build up. Also, washing hands immediately after application is a must to avoid staining. Though the tint takes about five hours to develop, the colour lasts for about two weeks. I have found applying Lavera two times a week yields for the most natural and even shade of colour.

Lavera is the ideal product to complete your self-tanning regime, with easy application, getting a naturally golden colour has never been easier.  Purchase Lavera's Organic Self-Tanning Face Cream for £10.90 here to achieve that sun-kissed summer glow we all long for.