Iced tea you ask?

Here at the Amazing PR office we’ve become hooked on Daymer Bay Iced Tea. Iced tea you ask? Us Brits are well-known for our love of a hot cup of tea (and don’t get me wrong, I can't function until i've had at least one cup) but have never really embraced the cold version. However these refreshing  and fruity drinks from Daymer Bay are so delicious that we’ve even been known to crave a bottle so badly during these warm afternoons that we’ve sent members of the team on emergency iced tea runs!

Launched last year, this small Cornish company gets its name from the long, sandy beach in the north of the region popular with windsurfers. It comes in six flavours; four made from dark teas (pomegranate, mango, peach and lemon) and two green tea versions (apple and elderflower) and here at Amazing we all have our own favourite – mine would have to be a toss up between the peach dark tea or the apple green tea version. Not only do they taste great, they contain 100% natural ingredients, are fat free and do not contain any added sugar, artificial sweeteners, additives or preservatives. The tea is sourced from plantations in Sri Lanka and the fruit is sourced from sustainable farms and responsible growers in the UK, Europe, Africa and Asia. It is then blended and bottled in the UK. The company also donates a penny for every bottle sold to a chosen Sri Lankan orphanage.

Unfortunately at the moment you can only get your hands on Daymer Bay Iced Teas at selected deli's, cafe's and stores (we’re just lucky that our local café stocks them) so for now I can only advise you to keep your eyes open as I’m sure they will hit the more mainstream supermarket's soon.