O'Right - Goji Berry Volumizing Range

You all know how much we love natural beauty products here at The Amazing Blog. We are always on the hunt for new green goodies, so when we discovered O’Right, we could not wait to try it on our lovely locks. With their innovative wine bottle packaging, the Goji Berry Volumizing Range piqued our interest from the outset. We soon discovered that O’Right are more than just a pretty bottle.

One thing that really impressed us about the O’Right products is their unbelievably natural approach. We’re all for organic beauty, and everything, from the ingredients to the soy ink on the refillable bottles, is eco-friendly. This natural approach is more than apparent in the Volumizing Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Cream, all of which we were lucky enough to sample. Suitable for fine, limp hair, the range of products produced great results, and I was particularly impressed with the conditioner. With its incredible fruity smell and smooth texture, it is rich enough to give my tresses the moisture and nourishment they need, whilst being light enough to leave it soft and bouncy. The powerful antioxidants contained in the Goji Berry reinforce the hair root and structure, giving your flat hairdo a fabulous boost. The overall green nature of the products and the positive impact it had on my thin hair, puts the Goji Berry Volumizing collection at the top of my hair care shopping list.

Grab the O’Right Goji Berry Volumizing Range here. The conditioner is available to buy for £18.95, the shampoo and hair cream for £18.25 and £17.90 respectively.