Laguna Star - Swim Shorts

Summer time is here, and we at the Amazing Blog are always keeping an eye out for swimwear. Laguna Star has great looking pairs of swim shorts for yourself or a man in your life, and we think every guy should have one! They are extremely light weight and have a classic look, reassuring that you’re always ‘in style’. Aside from the timeless look of the shorts, this quick-dry material is perfect for warm weather adventures. Each pair of shorts is one of a kind and hand embroidered, using only the finest materials and threads. There are also a variety of design elements, including 4 colours and 4 embroidery options, totalling 16 combinations of shorts. We love traditional items here at the Amazing Blog because there’s no need to buy the ‘new style’ each season, and the item ends up paying for itself.

Laguna Star also supports Project Seahorse, which is a Marine Life Conservation project. £3 of each purchase goes to this cause in order to make a difference in our oceans. Get your own pair of Laguna Star Swim Shorts here for £90.00.