Silicol Gel

Here at The Amazing Blog, we understand how upsetting it can be when you aren't feeling yourself. Problems such as indigestion and stomach pains can affect your whole day leaving you a bit down in the dumps. So when we received samples from SilicolGel, we knew it would come in useful when discomfort decided to strike.

The gel, which is easily taken as an oral dose, has a reactive surface of colloidal silicic acid. It acts as an absorbent in the stomach to soothe irritation and restore calm and serenity to the digestive system. Although Silicol is designed to ease the symptoms of IBS, it’s also useful in treating other gastrointestinal disorders. A single tablespoonful of Silicol gel taken three times a day has been shown to normalise the function of the stomach and bowel quickly and without side effects. Some of us girls in the office gave it a go (no names to be mentioned!) and we found that it swiftly restored harmony, taking pride of place in our medicine cabinet. So, if you’re a long time sufferer, struggle only occasionally with discomfort or want to use Silicol as an emergency remedy, it’s guaranteed to soothe and restore balance in no time.

Silicol is widely available through a range of outlets and in the UK it is available hereat £8.29 for 200ml.