Get creative

It’s not often that I notice the wrapping that gifts come in, I’ve been told that from an early age I would rip open all my presents in the blink of an eye and undo all my parents hard earned wrapping. However, recently I’ve begun to have more of an appreciation of the difference it can make when a bit of thought is put into how you present and wrap your gifts. That’s why I was very pleased to discover Papermash.

Papermash is an online shop based in London specialising in unique designer stationery supplies and paper goods. All the items are sourced from independent designers specialising in artisan techniques such as letterpress and woodcut printing. I love the quirky Japanese printed tapes, letterpress-printed tags and notecards, embossed notebooks and brightly coloured traditional Japanese Furoshiki (re-usable wrapping cloths) which are sure to make even the most eager birthday girl stop and appreciate their craftsmanship. I’ve also got my eye on the multi-coloured ABC paper cups and various array of decorations which will give me the perfect excuse to throw a party!

If you want to get really creative you can download one of the Papermash craft tutorials to impress your friends with.