Something to remember

Whilst enjoying my last days in London I have been thinking about what I would like to bring back to Barcelona - a little reminder of London life if you will. Something to add to my case already buldging with vintage clothes from Brick Lane and to provoke memories of all those nights spent partying in Camden.

Since arriving here I have become obsessed with the offerings from The Organic Pharmacy and their dedication to providing the best products, advice and treatments, all free from the carconegenics so often found in mainstream beauty products. They say scents provoke memories of times past and in my case the Rose and Jasmine Body Oil will always take me back to these past happy months in London. The combination of fragrances counjour up the quintessential English country garden. My usual perfume was pretty swiftly consigned to a back shelf when I realised a quick swipe of this oil was all I needed before heading out the door. Once in a while, when I have time, I will luxuriate in the bath and then smother myself in it - patting on damp skin is the best way to lock in moisture – wafting around the flat on a cloud of roses and jasmine...before throwing on my pjs and jumping into bed (sorry to disappoint but I am not actually the heroine of some romance novel!).

So my little genie in a bottle will be coming with me, ready to grant my wishes to transport me back to happy London times.