Get Grazing

One of the Amazing PR team is nursing a pretty horrific hangover today (not big or clever kids) so obvs consuming all the usually banned treats is a total necessity. However virtuous living does usually prevail most of the time which is why we are such massive fans of our twice weekly delivery of Graze boxes. A Graze nibble box is a godsend if, like us, you get the 11am and 4pm snack attacks. They provide a selection of nutritionally balanced nibbles which are perfect for picking at and can help to keep you out of the biccie tin. Go through their extensive list of options - including dried fruit and nuts, seeds, olives and focaccia - and you have the option to bin anything that doesn’t take your fancy and ensure it never finds its way into your snack box. The people at Graze are complete geniuses at flavour combinations - dried apple with a sprinkling of cinnamon combined with honey almonds and sultanas and you have yourself something that tastes just like an apple crumble...without the calorie overload. A personal fave is their mini flapjacks, stuffed full of dried fruit and seeds; they are perfect for preventing those sugar levels crashing.

Getting a regular Graze box delivery set up is easy and they can be delivered anywhere you receive post as they fit through the letterbox. Each box contains four sealed punnets so your snacks stay nice and fresh until you are ready to crack them open. It always cheers up a Tuesday and Thursday morning when these pop up our pigeon hole and starts much comparison of who got what. Thanks to Graze (and banning Edwina from buying naughty Yorkie bar treats) operation beach body is right on track...until the next hangover binge that is.

Right now you can get a free box and your next one half price by going to Graze and entering the code HEALTHYFREE before choosing your box.