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If we have something clear at the Amazing PR Offices it is that the Swatch watch has long been crowned the Rolex of plastic watches. The simple, rounded forms makes it perfect for any occasion and the affordable price tag means you can get away with becoming a bit of a collector without your bank account taking a hammering (I know people with some seriously expensive watch habits, this one is pretty guilt-free).

This Swiss brand knows the importance of a good collaboration to get their fans all excited over what is, to all intents and purposes, the same watch over and over again. The latest collab with renowned photographer Rankin is one of my favourites. His collection of three ‘Eyescape’ watches are inspired, in his own admission, by an obsession that has developed thorough his career with people’s eyes.

Rankin’s all-seeing eye comes in three colours, black, white and semi-transparent. 

Rankin Eyescape Watch - £36.50