There is no doubt in my mind that the most stylish and practical way to get around the city is on two wheels. No shivering at bus stops in winter or melting on the underground in the summer months. No tube strikes or line closures to contend with and gridlocked traffic can be undertaken in a flash. Though for those of us who don’t conform to the lycra clad, cleat wearing stereotype there have always been rather limited options for bike accessories out there. I am quite happy pootling along on my old-school Gazelle and I want my accessories to be appropriate for its vintage style well as flattering to my personal style!

Luckily there is CycleChic, an online shop which was born from the frustration of a lack of stylish cycling accessories on the market. They offer a range of carefully edited products, including helmets, bags and panniers and clothing, which are designed to work with the modern woman’s wardrobe and enhance their two-wheeled style. I am especially fond of their Vintage Box Bags, the perfect little retro carrier for your bike’s rear rack.

Check out CycleChic's fab accessories here