mylocalsalon - beauty at our fingertips

Ok girls we all know the scenario, the holiday is next week and you are still hopelessly disorganised. Midway through the Boots trolley dash for suncream and travel size products you realise you have forgotten the most important holiday beauty prep, the wax. Cue a frantic call to your usual therapist, who can offer you an appointment earliest next month...helpful. Or maybe you don’t fancy sharing your personal beauty regimes with the rest of the office. In our open-plan layout I am conscious that Jose doesn’t really need to know that I want a half-head, trim and blowdry...mainly because he would then try and persuade me to go for something more directional - “Think like Gaga babe” (possibly the scariest sentence ever uttered in connection to hair styling).

A busy mum who suddenly finds herself with a couple of hours of ‘me’ time and wants to book a massage last minute to help recover her ‘Zen’ - allowing her to smile blissfully through a 5 year olds jungle gym party later that afternoon - but a ring around to find out availability is going to waste valuable time...

If only there was a way of checking out the appointment books of your local salons to find out availability, get info on treatments and prices, as well as their customer feedback and ratings, before booking yourself in pronto, all without having to pick up the phone...

Enter mylocalsalon the UK’s first online directory for the hair and beauty industry. Allowing customers to search and book appointments in real time whenever and wherever they like, thanks to the handy free iPhone app. mylocalsalon looks set to revolutionise the rather outdated booking systems that most salons currently employ. In the same manner as and LateRooms customers can book any available slots right up to the last minute, as well as taking advantage of special discounted mylocalsalon offers.

In a world where we are no longer bound by business hours or time constraints we have become accustomed to not waiting. We do our weekly food shop online, browse the high street on our computer over our lunch break and book tickets to that must-see comedy on our smartphones, so it is inevitable that the booking system for the hair and beauty industry was due a shake-up. mylocalsalon offers the time-poor customer the ultimate in convenience, with a complete nationwide directory of salons that offer a wide range of treatments. The free iPhone app is an added bonus allowing you to search the nearest salons to your current location, see therapists with availability, book yourself in and receive immediate confirmation of your appointment.

Well we're sold, how about you?