I’m extremely lucky to be able to bring my elderly Tibetan Spaniel into work. When he’s not pestering the office for his treats, he’s generally found lying in his basket with all four legs in the air making snoring noises like an old grampus. However, when home-time comes and I get changed for my evenings’ pursuits I often muse about what Mojai is up to whilst he’s home-alone… My neighbour downstairs tells me that she often hears a lot of tip-tapping on the floor when I’m out, with the odd ‘clunk’ noise followed by more tip-tapping.  Could my beloved pet be practising his fancy-footwork to impress one of his bitches in the park? The mind boggles – but what I would give to have just a quick peek at what he gets up to when I’m out. Enter the Eyenimal this  dinky miniature video camera (only weighing 35g) is attached to your pets’ collar and will record over 2 ½ hours of video footage (although it is from your pets' neck and whiskers perspective). I think that this gadget best comes into its own when an absent pet owner’s four-legged friend engages in bit of mischief i.e. upon the owner’s return the dear-one has that rather guilty look as if to say “What Designer’s Guild cushion? But I thought it was a new toy to play with? Don’t tell me off - It just flew off the sofa and into my basket!”  For a princely sum of £84.99 you can purchase your Eyenimal video camera which will allow you to step into the life of your cherished pet; making it easy to gather valuable footage to marvel at their leisure time or collecting undisputable evidence of unruly conduct to discuss with the animal behavioural therapist. Hear that, Mojai? You have been warned!