If anyone ever asks me what my first memory of makeup was my answer is always lipstick! I can still remember being 5 or 6 years old, watching my mother applying her lipstick and nagging her for a few swipes on my own lips. What little girl hasn’t sneaked into her mother’s makeup bag and applied a very thick smear of lipstick only to leave resembling something closer to a clown (not to mention ruining our mothers beloved lipsticks in the process)? My love for lipstick hasn’t faded as I’ve grown up and I still get a kick out of treating myself to a brand new lipstick.

Today at Amazing PR HQ we have been having fun time playing around with the first collection of ILIA Pure Lip Care. ILIA Pure Lip Care combines colour performance and nourishing organic ingredients, with shades ranging from chic nude to shocking coral. The formula reminded me more of a lip balm due to their intensive moisturizing properties which last for hours. The colours are more sheer than they appear in the packaging although they can be layered to create a bold effect which is long-lasting. Each ILIA lipstick is created with 85% certified organic ingredients including Jojoba Oil, Cocoa Butter and Vitamin E. They also have a very pleasant natural smell thanks to the Jasmine and Orange Blossom essential oils used. Originating from Vancouver, ILIA is committed to producing safe beauty products with better packaging and product performance. The packaging is sleek and made from recycled aluminum, which will definitely attract attention when you whip them out of your bag. I also love the quirky names they have given each shade.

Nobody’s Baby - sheer nude

Dizzy - soft melon

Blossom Lady - muted pink

Bang Bang - classic red

Shell Shock - bold coral

Arabian Knights - deep berry


Visit their website for more information.