Brow Maintenance for Beginners...Finally!

Let’s face it, who doesn’t want perfectly shaped, elegant, groomed brows? I love the feeling of having freshly waxed, neat eyebrows however the novelty is often short lived and after a few days my eyebrows need attending to again. This is when I get out my trusty tweezers and more often than not, end up with slightly lop-sided and uneven brows that make all the pain from the aforementioned waxing seem pointless. (I think I can safely say all women know what its like to be a bit over-enthusiastic with the tweezers and be left with sparse or lopsided-looking brows, rather than the beautifully sculpted and full look we were going for). So I was extremely excited to get my hands on the new eye&brow shadow palette from HD Brows. Known for their seven-step salon treatment and loved by makeup artists and celebrities alike; Yasmina Bentaieb, whose clients include Nadine Coyle and Mel B, is a fan. The new HD Brows palette promises to make it so much simpler to maintain the perfect brow from home. The palette comes with six matt, neutral shades to suit everyone all in a handy compact. Although intended for eyebrows the palette also doubles as the perfect neutral eye shadow kit. With deeper shades for shaping and a lighter shade for filling in and highlighting under the brow, soon adding that all important definition will become a breeze.

The palette also comes with two handy double ended brush and sponge applicators meaning that even the more clumsy ones of us out there can achieve a flawless finish. I was surprised by how much adding a bit of definition to my brows altered the whole look of my face and left me feeling groomed and chic. The angled brushes made application a breeze and allowed me to fill in any areas I felt were looking slightly bare whilst still looking perfectly natural. As an added bonus the palette also comes with a large mirror so you can achieve your perfect brow even if you are on the go!

The palette costs £24.95 plus postage and can be purchased from E M-H