Doves Farm

Having a sister and numerous friends who are gluten intolerant or choose to follow gluten free diets I am well aware that it is often a struggle to find good quality, tasty substitutes for many of the foods we like to enjoy day to day. Whilst most supermarkets now have sections dedicated to food intolerances and dietary requirements many of the products seem to lack the same appeal and variety that the mainstream brands offer. In an attempt to find some tasty alternative treats for my sister who is coming to stay with me shortly I did some research and was pleased to discover Doves Farm.

Doves Farm are a multi- award winning organic flour and gluten free flour specialists. They produce a wide variety of Gluten Free and Wheat Free products including gluten free flour, breakfast cereals, pasta and biscuits many of which are also Organic and Fairtrade. Doves Farm are devoted to producing high quality products and use dedicated equipment, special procedures and staff training to ensure that all the gluten free foods are kept separate. I was keen to try some of their range for myself and was immediately drawn to their wide range of gluten free cookies. Initial favourites include their delicious Lemon Zest Cookies, made with real lemon zest for a natural flavour. As well as being gluten free, Organic and Fairtrade they are also made without wheat, milk, salt, buckwheat, soya, nuts, eggs or hydrogenated fat so can be enjoyed by almost everyone. I was equally impressed with the Organic Wholewheat Digestive Biscuits (which recently won a Great Taste Gold 2011 award). Although digestives aren’t necessarily the most exciting biscuits, these are made with wholemeal flour which gives them an extra crumbly texture – perfect for dunking in tea or piled high with cheese.

Doves Farm products are available to buy from selected health food shops and supermarkets nationwide or from their website here.