Ever the frustrated ex-beauty writer, I just can’t help myself from trying all the new lotions and potions that arrive in a flurry of glossy magazine adverts and media hype.  The more natural that they are, the more inclined I am to whisk them gamely off the shelves and straight into my basket - in other words I have to have a dabble. What whetted my appetite here, is the unusual key ingredient of Sea Buckthorn oil in this new range of skincare BIO2YOU . Sea Buckthorn is proclaimed to be the richest known natural source of carotenoids, beta-carotene (pro-vitamin A), vitamin E, vitamin K1, and beta-sitosterol. Not forgetting to mention that this BIO2YOU Organic Anti Aging Sea Buckthorn Cream also has Hyaluronic Acid & Argireline.   BIO2YOU has over eight different products including serums, skin masks and day moisturisers - all products are completely natural, free from parabens, alcohol and animal by-products.

So now you’re going to ask, what's it like? Well it's very light, fresh and to be honest it quite surprised me as to how compatible it was with my current fav FreshMineral loose powder foundation.  Some moisturisers that I have used in the past have made my foundations go all ‘bobbly’ and this one certainly didn’t.  At  £24.95/50ml (pump dispenser) it’s not too hefty price to pay for something that professes to give long-lasting moisture (yes), nourishment (yes) and has clinical studies showing  application of Argireline over a 15-30 day period produces an antiwrinkle effect (er…ever hopeful!)