Cirque du Soir

If, like me, you’re sick of the standard Saturday night fare, have had your fill of overpriced wine bars and cattle market clubs, and fancy trying something new, then luck is at hand. Having hosted events in some of the finest clubs in the world, from Monaco to Dubai, through to Paris and Cairo, Cirque du Soir has opened its doors in Mayfair’s Ganton Street.

Unlike most clubs, which range invariably from dingy dives with cheap beer and cheesy music to pretentious venues packed with try-hards and eye-watering priced drinks, Cirque du Soir is a breath of fresh air. With live circus performances from the accalimed Cirque du Soir cast, the venue showcases a whole host of entertainment, from snake charmers and dwarves, to contortists and stilt walkers; certainly a refreshing alternative to your average club night in the West End.

The sumptious venue is eaisly located thanks to its neon signed entrance and the interior certainly doesn’t disappoint, with two stages, two elaborate indoor window displays and an Alice in Wonderland staircase. And if that isn’t enough to whet your appetite there is also an indoor funfair complete with popcorn and candyfloss machines, and for the more inquisitive visiter, tarot readers and fortune-tellers.

So whether you’re after an exotic location, a burlesque atmosphere or riveting entertainment, Cirque du Soir has it all – and then some. Come down and join the party!