Lifestream Bioactive Blackcurrent Capsules

These days the average person spends about six to eight hours each day at their computer and after a long workday we have all felt the effects of spending our day staring at a screen (not to mention the time spent on phones and watching TV). Eye strain and fatigue are common side effects of the close relationship we share with our computers and, coupled with the natural process of eye ageing, all this time with our technology can be very problematic for our vision.  Luckily, here at Amazing PR we have just discovered the Bioactive Blackcurrant supplements from Lifestream, a New Zealand based company who has harnessed the natural benefits of blackcurrants to improve vision (along with many others).  Blackcurrants contain anthocyanins which have been shown to increase eye health and good vision, especially in regards to working with computers.

Lifestream’s Bioactive Blackcurrant supplements also support microcapillary circulation, creating the healthy blood flow to the brain that is crucial for full mental function, focus, and mental awareness- in other words the basic necessities of getting through a testing day at the office!  If this isn’t enough to make you a huge fan of these super-supplements (each of which contain the equivalent of 12 blackcurrant fruits), blackcurrants have been shown to have protective effects on our cells, fighting off the potentially harming effects of cell toxicity.  These powerful little fruits also contain anti-oxidants which fight the effects of free-radicals and help to keep the cells in our bodies looking and feeling youthful!  What more could we ask for in one little pill?

For anyone who may have allergies or dietary restrictions, these supplements are 100% vegetarian and contain no GMO’s, artificial coloring, flavoring, preservatives, gluten, yeast, or sugar, making them safe for everyone.  Bioactive Blackcurrant dietary supplements are available to buy online here and will be available for sale in stores throughout the UK in January 2012.