A Worthwhile Investment

This is the month that I think about finding that ‘little black dress’ which will cross over from work to party-time.  Horror of all horrors that I bump into another with the same outfit, which let’s be honest is more than likely if it’s from the high street.  That’s why I’m always on the lookout for new designers and their latest offerings. So say hello to Jasper Garvida.

For the uninitiated, Jasper Garvida is a bit of ‘a best kept secret.’ Yes his clothes are investment pieces but not wholly unaffordable – I always like to think of ‘cost per wear’. I stumbled upon Jasper and his collections via an ex-assistant whose best friend was an intern at this fashion house. I have been keeping a close eye on his collections and was thrilled to see that the little black ‘Sword Dress’ on my wish list is now available online or from select stockists.

Jasper Garvida is a luxury womenswear fashion designer who launched his first collection in 2008.  His current A/W 2011 Ready-to-Wear Collection  takes you on a mesmerising journey with ‘Le baiser’ which is inspired by the novel Soie by Alessandro Baricco. This is a romantic tale of a European man who becomes enchanted by the east - the collection focuses on contrasts, and the beauty that can be formed when two different worlds intertwine. With elements of 19th century design combined with an oriental silhouette, the collection incorporates strong streamlined tailoring and soft draping with demure skirt lengths that have been given a sexy edge in the form of daring slits and peek-a-boo cut-outs to reveal flashes of sensuality.

What I particularly love is the slick tailoring, armour-like-hand-embellishment and textured pieces are combined with beautiful, softly draped silk jersey and, lace pieces that depict the journey of two opposite worlds meeting, to create balance, harmony, grace and elegance – all of which serves to add an intriguing romantic undertone to the collection.  It combines the highest quality finishing’s with a sophisticated flattering silhouette resulting in a collection that personifies the exotic beauty and mystery of far-flung eastern lands.  In short, this is a fabulous and timeless collection. While the economy is in turmoil with stocks and shares taking a downwards dive – why not invest in one of tomorrows fashion icons Jasper Garvida and his beautiful clothing which can only go up and up. Remember, you saw it here first.