With the party season upon us again I feel quite literally like I’m constantly ‘chasing my tail’ endlessly getting nowhere, trying to fit in a plethora of activities to attend. So when it comes to precious minutes to glam up for an evening out – for me long-lasting make up is a must. Recently I discovered a new lip colour and gloss by LipSense, a brand adored in the U.S. for over ten year by such celebrities as Christina Aguilera and Jennifer Aniston that has only just now reached the UK.  This formula promises to lasts up to 18 hours and works to improve the condition of lips.  In fact, the longer you wear the lip gloss, the longer it promises to stay on because by becoming increasingly hydrated, your lips become better able to retain product.

With my lifestyle, I was particularly interested in the claim that LipSense glosses promise to stay put through all the wear-and-tear of your day while also providing 100% UVA&UVB protection. I have now test driven LipsSense for the past two week and can happily say it lives up to its claims. However I think the secret is to constantly keep re-applying the Lip Gloss which keeps lips moist and from looking dry. When you buy LipSense you really need to buy the Liquid Lip Pigment, Oops! Liquid Colour Remover and  Lip Gloss they come as a package of three. The remover is most definitely needed otherwise you’ll be going to bed and waking up with highly pigmented lips! Additionally what I also like is that they are made from completely natural ingredients and have undergone no animal testing (BTW that's standard now in the EU ). I went for the SheerBerry which is a neutral lip colour. The actual Liquid Lip Colour is £18 each but if you go for the remover and gloss as well (very advisable) it is £45. Sounds quite a lot, but actually a little goes a long way (I only put on one light coat of the Lip Colour). Coming in a multitude of fabulous shades, there’s a colour for any occasion.  Find the perfect pink for chilly days and a romantic red for those special nights out - no matter the shade of your lips you’ll be guaranteed to be happier and healthier when dressed up in your favourite LipSense gloss