Winter Jeans from Angels & Men


As the days pass, I seem to find myself shivering more and more. Grabbing an extra jumper for the day is becoming a must with the chilling temperature. Unfortunately, the cold bite isn’t letting up anytime soon. Preparation for winter must commence and much to my dismay, I have to start thinking what wardrobe pieces are really not going to work in the snowy days. However, one piece that can stick through the frosty winter months is the new Angels & Men Jeans.

Angels & Men has brought to the UK the first ever fashionable thermal jeans this winter. The jeans are a combination of trendy cuts and washes with a soft fleece lining to create the first range of fashion thermal lined jeans. What an easy way to be stylish and warm this winter!

The first collection carries two different cuts, Straight cut and Boot cut, and each in two different washes, a dark wash in blue black and a worn wash which has a lightning bleach effect to look slightly used.

Like anyone, it is easy to doubt that a jean, which looks exactly like regular jeans, would truly be warmer. Thankfully, it’s true! The jeans use a Duothermalate fleece fabric so it retains heat yet is still breathable. So after you step inside after a chilly walk home from work, you won’t be dying to change to some pyjama pants.

You can buy Angels & Men jeans on their website or at various boutiques and outlets throughout the UK.  So don’t waste another second wearing summer jeans in winter weather. Grab a pair of Angel’s & Men jeans and be prepared this winter!