Stencil It!

Having recently moved into a new abode in London, and being the ripe old age of twenty-five, I decided over the weekend that it was high time to try my hands at a touch of DIY. Previously, I've shied away from banging nails into walls, screwing things together, or changing lightbulbs and appointed the nearest man I could get my hands on - Dad, boyfriend, housemate etc. all of whom are very aware of my short comings when it comes to matters of do-it-yourself.

So, over the weekend, armed with rollers, masking tape and paint, I set about decorating my entire room, hoping to prove that I can put the fun back into painting. How wrong I was. Seven hours later, with a bad back, hands like claws and covered in paint I was losing the will to live, and had only done one coat. Thankfully I had my lovely Italian housemate on call to finish it for me - hurrah!

There is, however, an alternative for gals like me - who want to indulge in a bit of decorating, without (whisper it) too much effort. Helen Morris, founder of The Stencil Library, has recently written a fabulous book called Stencil It, published by Jacqui Small, which comes complete with 101 ideas on how to decorate your home. Fit for a coffee table, this beautiful publication demonstrates quick, satisfying and inexpensive ways to bring pattern and colour into your home, whatever your style and budget. With a huge range of ideas - from stencilling cards and cushions to entire rooms, whether you're a beginner or an expert, Stencil It will give you a huge spectrum of inspiring ideas for your home.

Full of tips, techniques and beautiful illustrations, Stencil It is a celebration of the virtually limitless decorative potential of a fabulously creative craft form. So, whether you want to give your bedroom a subtle enahncement, or your sitting room a completely new look, Stencil It had both the ideas and the know-how to turn it into a reality - minus the bad back and claw hands! Happy stencilling!