Budding New Friends

At Amazing PR we are always on the go, once we’ve step over our office threshold - there is really very little respite.  What with phone calls, office catch ups, emails and the then legging it to meetings – we never have a moment. So sling in my midday dog walk on top of everything else and frankly what chance have I of finding time to reapply my make-up? The biggest make up sin for me is panda eyes. It doesn’t matter what mascara I use, waterproof or otherwise, the smudgy bits are always there, together with those black flicker-spots that liberally seem to keep repositioning themselves above my eyelid. However, enter these clever little helpers the Eye Make Up Remover & Corrector Liquid Filled Cotton Buds and with just a quick swipe under and over the eye and like magic it’s all gone!

Ingenious, in my view, these little Liquid Filled Cotton Buds they come in a sealed pack of 24 but could easily be stored solo in a make-up bag (if like me you are pushed for space). Water based and alcohol free these buds also have skin conditioning properties thanks to soothing Aloe Vera and anti- ageing Vitamin E. With a quick ‘snap’ of top the bud (the one with the green line) eye make-up remover liquid is activated, pouring into the bottom bud making it damp and ready to use.

Amirose are the company who are behind these Eye Make Up Remover & Corrector Liquid Filled Cotton Buds. They also have two other clever Liquid Filled Cotton Buds too: Blemish Blitz (bye bye skin eruptions) and Xpress Dental Remover(no more ‘vampire smiles’ i.e. red wine stains). These handy buds are so easy to use no mess or fuss just snap the tip and dab or clean were needed. Best of all they are a very affordable £3.99.