Man's Best Friend

After my recent arrival at Amazing PR, some products were sent to me. I’ll be honest, as someone in their 20’s, and therefore at the prime of his manhood, I thought that this was the kind of thing I might use later in life, maybe in my late 30’s, when I’d past my peak. I’ve never used these things before; never liked them but, I thought, why not give them try?

The products I received were Bulldog Natural Skincare products: Face Wash, Moisturiser, Face Scrub, Shave Gel and After Shave Balm. I thought the whole male grooming market was completely useless and that there was no point in using them. However, after trying the fabulous Bulldog Natural Skincare products, I’ve definitely changed my mind.

I’ve been using them for some days now and I can actually feel that my skin is softer and healthier. This morning, when I arrived at work I asked the girls to touch and feel my skin; they loved it, they loved it so much that they almost started kissing me; they think I didn’t realise but I did.

All Bulldogs products have the same citrus smell and just the right hint of lemon. Like me, you might find yourself spending more time in the bathroom, indulging in a bit of male grooming. In fact, I’m spending so much time in the bathroom at the moment I’m beginning to annoy my flatmates.

My favourite product was the Face Scrub, I’ve never used an exfoliator before and I loved the feeling of the little balls against my skin. I’m a man of routine, and I often find it difficult to find new products that do what they say on the tin which might be why I found it difficult to use the Shave Gel when I’m used to using my regular foam. Although, I have to say that I loved the After Shave Balm and the silky-smooth finish it gave my skin. And so, having being converted to the benefits of male grooming, I can safely say that Bulldog Natural Skincare range really is a man’s best friend.