Forest Secrets

With the end of February finally in sight, the gang at The Amazing Blog have gone through a few hectic weeks: never ending lists of emails to read, phone calls to do, new projects to plan… Sometimes I arrive home so tired that it's tempting to crawl straight into bed to forget the stresses and starins of the day. Unfortunately, stress sometimes can cause a whole host of skin reactions; one of the worst being unsightly blemishes. However, for anyone else over-worked and in need of a remedy, we want to share our latest beauty discovery with you: Forest Secrets pure elixirs and serums -without parabens and silicones- are the perfect combination to enhance your beauty, providing an intense moisturisation to make your skin look both smoother and more youthful. This fabulous personalised skincare system replaces a traditional moisturiser. The Try Me Setis a fantastic idea, not only for travelling, but it's also a great opportunity to experience the Forest Secrets results on your skin. If you have a combination skin, you just need to mix one drop of the iRejuvenate Plus Elixir with two drops of iRejuvenate Plus Serum and apply to your face and neck in the morning, and one drop of iRejuvenate Plus Elixir and three to four drops of iRejuvenate Plus Serum at night (check the instructions online for oily or dry skin). If blemishes are your worry, you can also use iBright Serum twice a day, applying to specific blemishes or to the whole face for a general skin lightening effect.

Dr. Barbara Olioso, creator of Forest Secrets, uses only natural ingredients: Lupin Seed extracts aid skin’s elasticity and plant-derived Kinetin has powerful antioxidant benefits. Matsutake Mushrooms it’s another ingredient included in the Forest Secrets products, and it prevents oxidation and helps skin pigmentation caused by age and sun damage.

You can to shop online or buy Forest Secrets at Urban Retreat at Harrods.