Kalis Skincare

Here at The Amazing Blog, we like nothing more than a casual stroll through the streets of London. And with shops on every street corner, there's always somewhere for us to venture into whether it be for that cute new shirt we've been eyeing up or simply for a frothy cup of coffee. However, while spring looks to be on its way, there can still be a bitter chill in the air, making these walks a bit of a cold business! We have to perfect the art of layering and find a happy medium between frost-bite and hot flushes; certainly not the easiest of tasks! And with misleading rays of sunshine accompanying icy winds, the weather can play havoc with our skin, leaving it dry and irritated. Thankfully, after searching tirelessly, the gang at The Amazing Blog have found a solution.

Kalis Skincare originated in Italy; indeed the Italians have been deeply impressed with this product and having tried it ourselves we can completely understand why! After using this product for the first time, we could not be happier with its results. Adding a much-needed dose of moisture and made up of entirely natural ingredients,  it's a promising change from all the chemically infused skin care products that are on the market these days. In addition, the Kalis Skincare cream is not tested on animals, and doesn't leave you with that oily residue that is often experienced with competing brands. With this product, just a small amount of cream is enough and spreads very easily so we found that even a small jar of Kalis Skincare lasts awhile.

And so, not only does this cream come in handy during these cold winter months, but it doubles as an after-sun lotion so we can look forward to also using it after a soothing summer day in the sun.  Fingers crossed for a piping hot summer!