My Shopping Spy

When you're busy working long days at the office it can be hard to find spare time to go shopping; despite being something of a fashion-addict, shopping can be a tiresome sport and certainly not the most relaxing of ways to spend a Saturday afternoon. And if, like The Amazing Blog gang, you're a big shopper check out My Shopping Spy, an easy to use website where you can find out all about London’s coolest shops.

This free online directory covers different tools like the Spy Search, where you can find loads of shops that agree with your style, location and budget. You can even build your own shopping area with My Spy member’s tool, adding a list of your favourite shops in your profile and planning your personal shopping trips around the city. And the Spy Alert not only updates you with the latest shows and shop openings in London but with Spy News, you can stay one step ahead of the pack as they supply you with all the hottest fashion-related news, including info about London based designers.

My Shopping Spy is tailor made and keeps its users up-to-date with all things fashion. You'll also be able to access the seasonal sales and special offers and vouchers for different shops in London.

Created by Editor and Founder Kristina von Oertzen, who herself is passionate about shopping guides, this hand-selected directory with handy maps and shop reviews is the perfect option for those who want to enjoy the very best of London's shopping.