Isle have a pair of these!

Now that Spring has sprung this week, I’ll be expectantly gazing up at the skies every morning, ever hopeful of a small hint of blue amidst the fluffy clouds. And as the proud owner of Mojai, my elderly and extremely fluffy pet (who constantly nags me for his regular walks) it makes me even more conscious of the forecast. Perish the thought we should both be caught short in the rain on our way to The Amazing Blog with me arriving for a meeting looking as if I’ve stepped off a trawler boat; you know the look - an oversized rubber mac, a worn hat and tatty old black wellies squelching in the rain, certainly not the most stylish of attire!

So in preparation for more glamorous rainwear, I found these rather stylish pair of Ilse Jacobsen ‘Rub’ Boots. Instead of rather boring black wellies or some of those outlandish patterned ones - that go with absolutely nothing - these rather understated rubber boots are the answer. I particularly like the ones in the softest custard yellow that come with some rather elegant black lace-up ties (as you've probably guessed we've all gone a bit ‘yellow’ mad this week!) The designer Ilse Jacobsen’s inspiration was that she was tired of bad smelling PVC rubber boots and raincoats, and hence went on to design an alternative. Since first establishing herself as a footwear brand Hornbaek in Denmark in 1993, she has gone on to create a global brand with a stylish, functional and comfortable rainwear collection which is ideal for outdoor activities in both urban and suburban settings.

These ‘Rub’ boots are made of 100% natural rubber and are lined with cotton-fleece lining with a wool innersole. This makes them both warm and comfortable to wear in any weather. Best of all I’ll guarantee that they’ll add that certain little ‘je nais se quoi’ to any mundane outerwear that you’ll be sporting for the forthcoming April showers.  ‘Rubs’ retail at £110 (stockist tel no: 00 45 4970 4176) and they are stocked in the UK at, Question Air and Harvey Nichols.