Evanesce Crème - Evanesce

Coconut Oil has very much become the beauty product du jour. With its versatility, the oil can be used to nourish skin, smooth hair and even whiten and strengthen teeth! Now, The Amazing Blog loves a multi-tasking wonder product as much as the next sane person. There is still a very common problem when a product grows in popularity, which is that it gets watered down and mixed with a million other ingredients to help with mass production and save money. All of this can stop the product from being as effective as it can be. However, we recently came across Evanesce who produce Evanesce Crème which is a cosmetic grade, 100% pure, organic virgin coconut oil. It is exactly what it says it is on the luxurious matte black glass jar!

Evanesce only use the finest ingredients, by picking only mature coconuts from organically certified groves, before carefully sorting them and using an ultra-cold process to extract the oil. This result is a pure form of coconut oil that absorbs quickly into the skin and has a delicate aroma that fades leaving the skin soft and supple. What’s more, the Evanesce Crème has incredibly high levels of Lauric Acid and Anti-Oxidants which helps skin heal faster and reduces signs of ageing. The raw, organic virgin oil is vegan and cruelty-free, meaning it’s as guilt-free as it is effective! Each jar comes with a small 14-page leaflet explaining the various uses of the product, meaning that you can get the absolute most from your miracle in a jar. 

You can purchase the Evanesce Crème here for £29.00 and shipping is free for all orders in the UK!