Clean Heels

My favourite aspect of any outfit is always my shoes. More often than not I pick out which shoes I want to wear first and then plan the rest of my outfit around them. And, like all shoe-lovers, my absolute favourite type of shoe to wear is a heel - the higher the better! Whether I am complementing them with a nice dress or simply dressing up a pair of jeans, I can always find a reason to wear heels. However, one of the biggest issues that I find with my heels is when walking on a soft surface like grass my heels immediately sink into the grass. Thankfully The Amazing Blog has discovered a solution: Clean Heels!

I think almost every woman has experienced that dreaded moment when you realise that your heels are going to get all muddy after sinking into the ground at an outdoor event - whether it's a wedding or a garden party.  You know that there's no way of escaping the inevitable and just accept the fact that your shoes are going to get dirty. However, Clean Heels have solved the problem and are fast becoming a must have accessory for all stiletto wearers. You simply add them to the heel of your shoe and it then gives your heels the ability to be worn outside without the worry of dirtying them. They expand the surface area of your heel which increases its support and after waering them you simply wash them off and can easily reuse them. The Clean Heels can also be used as heel protectors. Adding these to the bottom of your heels detracts absolutely nothing from the look of your shoe so that should never be a concern! They also come in a variety of colours to ensure that you can wear these with any pair of your shoes. In addition to a clear and black option, there are also Clean Heels that have crystals and Swarovski on them.  Clean Heels are a favourite of many celebrities including Jennifer Love Hewitt - and if they're good enough for Hollywood A-Listers they're certainly good enough for us!

So, if you're a shoe lover like me, these Clean Heels are a necessity and will truly make a difference in your shoes. Visit their website to view their stockists to see where to pick up your very own pair of Clean Heels!