If you’ve ever been to any sort of festival, you know what a nightmare it is to get food on the go. The lines are long, the food is over priced, and there’s probably more vitamins in a piece cardboard. And if you’re like us girls at The Amazing Blog, you don’t want to settle for luke-warm hot dogs and soggy chips after a full day of festival activities. So we’ve found the HotCan, an amazing little self-heating can, packed with delicious food that you can take anywhere on the go. With no need for a microwave or a kettle, HotCans are simple to use and activate, stay hot for 45 minutes and are packed with good quality, nutritious food. With a quick heating time, this no fuss meal is perfect for health conscious and time tight individuals, whether at a festival or the office at just £3.99 each they’re affordable too. With seven delicious options to choose, ranging from Bangers & Beanz, Vegetable Chilli, Chicken Curry with Rice, and even a Rice Pudding for dessert, there’s something for everyone – and you definitely won’t find a menu like this at a festival! The self-heating cans are waterproof, vermin-proof and easy to transport, so you don’t need to worry about throwing them in your rucksack for a couple of days. And on the particularly cold and miserable festival days, your HotCan will warm you right up, making you the envy of your fellow festival-goers.

So whether it’s a smaller festival like this past weekend’s Camden Crawl or the massive Reading Festival, be sure to grab a few HotCans to save you the hassle and the cost of bland festival food.