iFabbo Conference

If you're a beauty, lifestyle, or fashion blogger and need tips on how to expand your website, then theiFabbo Conference is the event for you! Organised by iFabbo, the International Fashion and Beauty Bloggers Organisation, the day long event features a variety of panels, speeches and presentations, and The Amazing Blogs very own Executive Editor Edwina will be one of the speakers! Bloggers from across the UK will gather at the event to interact with each other, and discuss and share their thought and expertise on the blogging industry. If you’re a blogger hoping to improve your site, grow your audience and increase traffic, then the iFabbo conferencewill teach you how to do this and more. With useful tips on what’s popular and current, you’ll be able to make your blog successful and trendy, but still yours. The event will help bloggers with their interactions with brands, and other bloggers, to help them gain credibility. The talks will be given by a variety of different speakers from the industry, all to educate and inform the attendees. The iFabbo organisation promotes a healthy blogosphere, hoping to unite bloggers with a common goal of improving their online platforms. We love that they promote success through great interactions with others, networking and cool content, the bloggers in the iFabbo community are recognised as credible and reliable. With your ticket you’ll be able to attend all of the panels, receive a gift bag, and attend a cocktail reception at the end of the day, giving you even more opportunity to interact with fellow bloggers and speakers.

Perfect for bloggers and beauty brands alike, head over to the iFabbo conference in Soho this weekend!