Raw Gaia

If you've been a loyal follower of The Amazing Blog, or even if you've just found us, it's pretty safe to say that we love anything natural and organic. Whether it's skincare or food or pretty much anything, the more natural it is the better. So when we came across Raw Gaia we simply had to try out a few of their wonderfully organic skincare range! All the Raw Gaia products are made with your benefit and the environment in mind. The products are all cold-pressed, organic, vegan, cruelty and chemical free. By using the process they use, the range maintains all the amazing benefits of the raw ingredients. And as we can attest, the products are so lovely on your skin as well. We've tried the Cold-Pressed Carrier Face Oils in Rosehip and Argan as well as their Moroccan Lava Clay and loved them.When you're using the oils I'd recommend having a slightly damp face - you want enough moisture that the oil spreads but not so much that it doesn't sink in. I'd also say that you should start with a bit less than you think you need and then use more as you need it, you'd be surprised how far a small amount takes you. Your skin will feel softer than when you use a normal moisturiser. As for the mask, if you've ever mixed a face mask at home you'll know how easy it is and the Moroccan Lava Clay mask is no different. Simply mix the powder with water until you have a nice thick mask. Apply it to your face, grab a magazine, and leave your skin to reap the benefits! Once you take it off your skin will feel so smooth, and there's enough clay to make a lot of masks. Their whole range of skincare are at very reasonable price points, especially considering the quality of ingredients and process.

Have a browse through Raw Gaia's range on their website and you're sure to find a few of these natural products to fit into your skincare routine.