Celtic Marches

With all the barbecues, parties and events you attend in the summer, it's always nice to mix things up. I'm sure everyone's sick of the same wines / beers / wine coolers being served wherever you go. Anyone can grab a bottle from the off license and that's all well and good, but for the more experimental drinker, The Amazing Blog has found Celtic Marches. Celtic Marches are based in Herefordshire and specialise in making unique liqueurs. And let me tell you, they're very tasty. Their two brandy based liqueurs, Bloody Furlong and Number Nine, are unlike anything you've tried - assuming you've never tried Celtic Marches. Bloody Furlong is flavoured with apple and maple, and Number Nine is flavoured with apple and blackcurrant. While they say you can drink the liqueurs neat, I prefer to mix mine, and the Celtic Marches website has recipes for delicious summer drinks. For those of you who don't want the hassle of mixing a drink, they also have a cider, Abrahall's Cider. And for the really daring drinkers amongst you, Number Nine mixed with Abrahall's is a flavour sensation. They both taste and look different to a lot of other brands on the market, and all the bottles are hand-finished in wax. They use the highest quality ingredients and you can definitely tell when you taste them.

So this summer, treat yourself and your friends to a few new tipples! Celtic Marches products are available to buy on their website.