Cool Your Canine

It seems like a distant memory, but it wasn't too long ago that the sun was shining on London, but while us humans are happy to bask in the sun, it may not be so pleasant for your pet. Even in the colder months, your dog might struggle with the heat - after all, they are permanently wearing a fur coat. And the same can be said for my darling dog Mojai, as a Tibetan Spaniel he has a very thick coat - great for Tibet, not so great for London. So in my quest to make Mojai comfortable, and spoil him rotten, I found the Canine Cooler, and he couldn't love it more. The Canine Cooler is designed to cool down your furry friend at any time of the year. Whether they're too warm because of the sunny weather, or in the winter from indoor heating, Mojai now cannot be without his Canine Cooler. As Mojai is designed to keep warm in cold climates (he has two layers of fur) he often has trouble getting cool and staying cool. The cooler is designed to absorb heat from the dog's body, and stays cool for ages, in order to keep your pup cooler for longer. You simply fill it with ordinary tap water, the water is then absorbed into the foam core, which helps it maintain the cold. And don't worry, the Canine Cooler is comfortable and flexible, so even the most unsettled dogs will be able to make it work for them. It fits perfectly into Mojai's dog beds, and it only takes a minute for him to settle into it. They're great for indoors, but I can imagine that the Canine Cooler would be brilliant for long car trips as well. Whilst some people have milk and eggs as a permanent staple in their fridge, currently taking up residency on my shelf is the Canine Cooler, it means that Mojai can be cool at a moment's notice. Not only does the Canine Cooler help cool down your dog, but it's also useful for canine complaints such as hip dysplasia and Cushing's disease. The coolers come in three sizes, small, medium and large, so whatever size your dog is, there's a cooler for them.

So weather it's hot sun or a hot radiator heating up your four legged friend, pick up a Canine Cooler, starting at £55.