Here at The Amazing Blog, we love to review products that we think will become staple items in your beauty cabinet. Sometimes we come across items that we know will be fast favourites, and if you suffer from dry or irritated skin then we think you'll love Selexir's Peace Balm. This luxurious cream is the perfect treatment balm for sensitive skin. Whilst I don't have extremely dry skin, like a lot of people I definitely have dry patches on parts of my body. I don't know about you but my elbows and knees just never seem to get moisturised! Selexir's Peace Balm is a great rescue remedy that soothes distressed, irritated and sensitive skin which can be applied to the face, ears, neck, hands and elbows as often as you need. It's packed with 21 concentrated, natural ingredients, which provide lasting hydration for your skin and help strengthen your skin. A lot of the time a moisturiser will leave your skin feeling hydrated for a few hours, but quickly fade, but Peace Balm penetrates your skin and lasts. Peace Balm is also really nice for anyone with mild eczema, it's dermatologically proven to improve the look and feel of your skin, and won't cause an adverse reaction. While you may be initially hesitant of the colour, the pale green colour of Peace Balm is a visual reminder of the natural ingredients. I suggest using a small amount to start with and then slowly massaging it into the skin, the cream is lovely and thick, so you don't want to overdo it, and at a price of £83 you don't want to waste an ounce! If you're still not convinced you want to commit to getting a full bottle, the wonderful people at Selexir are offering free samples (you just pay for shipping) exclusively online, so click here to get your sample!

So whether your skin is in need of a soothing balm, or you just want to treat your skin to an extra bit of hydration, try out Selexir's Peace Balm for a luxurious treat!