Global Feast - Meet & Eat The World

  While we at The Amazing Blog have certainly been guilty of harping on somewhat over the past fortnight about the Olympics, to provide readers who might not be so overly enthralled with Olympic-fever as us with something of interest, we wanted to feature an event which deals with another of our great loves: food. So if, like us, you've accepted the fact that Jessica Ennis's taught abs are completely out of reach unless a complete life overhaul is undergone, now is as good a time as any to indulge in some global cusine. And so we bring you The Global Feast.



Coinciding with The Olympics, London's best chefs and designers have come together this summer to launch Global Feast - a 20 date world dining event between the 25th of July and 13th of August, at The Old Town in Stratford. The event celebrates the diversity of London as it hosts the Olympics and welcomes visitors of every creed and colour from every corner of the earth. Taking place in a beautifully restored Victorian buliding, a beautiful, calm oasis has been created.

After being welcomed with a complimentary cocktail, guests are encouraged to wander through Worldscape - a giant model of the world which doubles as both a table and seating for Global Feats's guests. Each guest will dine in a unique part of the sculptural space,  sitting on the contours of its oceans, dining off its coastlines, illuminated by its cities and enshadowed by its mountains. A multitude of cultures and cuisines are being offered at Global Feast and each evening guests will have the opportunity to indulge in the entertainment, unique to one of the featured countries.

Carefully chosen food and drink will represent the best of both the wider world and local London. The menu will be created by the doyenne of underground restaurants, Kerstin Rodgers, a.k.a. MsMarmitelover of The Underground Restaurant.  Each night she will invite a new guest chef from the best of London Supper Clubs, celebrating their talents - and the vast diversity of their heritage.

Perfect for anyone passionate about food or culture, the Global Feast promises an unforgettable experience for anyone who wants to drink in the atmosphere of the games while enjoying some cultural cusine. For more information, menus, calendar, images and biographies of the teams and guest chefs - and to purchase tickets for the evening - go to the Global Feast website.