Chamucos Clubhouse

Have you got the Friday feeling?!  Here at The Amazing Blog we all do and are very excited about the coming summer bank holiday weekend meaning a whole three days to enjoy the sun (Finally!), relax and throw a few indulgent cocktails into the mix! So we have done our research and found the perfect haunt.

Why not try the new ‘Chamucos Clubhouse’ launched by Tom Conran, the bar is located in Notting Hill downstairs from his ‘Crazy Homies’ Mexican restaurant. The bar is named after Tom Conrans super-premium tequila ‘Chamucos’ meaning ‘little devil’ in Mexican. The bar is decorated with Day of The Dead style street art depictions of the devil and a mural of lush Mexican jungle and beach. It also features comfortable leather banquettes with bright cushions handcrafted by Mexican artisans.

When sampling the tequila, don’t forget to try a cocktail made with Chamucos Tequila, it’s distilled using only 100% weber blue Agave and made in the alpine forests of Mazamitla in Jalisco with water drawn directly from the mountain rock. Classical music is played during the double distillation process (we are not quite sure what difference this would make but I suppose it can do no harm) which is undertaken by women only, due to their natural lightness of touch (of course). Some of the cocktails include Chamucos Margarita made with Chamucos Blanco, Lime Juice, Triple Sec and Agave Syrup and The Devil’s Punchbowl – a sharing drink made with Chamucos Blanco, Hibiscus Juice and Flower, Lime Juice, Agave Syrup and Tamarind.

If after a couple of the delectable cocktails you get the munchies don’t hesitate to try some of the food at Chamucos which is inspired by the street vendors and local taquerias and is freshly made to authentic recipes. Some of the dishes include typical Burritos, Quesada’s and tacos as well as surf and turf sharing plates and home made dips.

This little venue doesn't seem too devilish to us and sounds ideal for a Friday night with a group of friends… but lets see how we feel about this on Saturday morning after sampling a few of the 72 different tequila varieties...we will let you know!!