A Bit of Rough

There is nothing as satisfying after a week of hard work than a good pampering session - something that I always look forward to every Sunday. I prepare my bath with the best smelling essential oils, apply a purifying face mask, use a clarifying shampoo and a deep repairing mask, exfoliate my skin, do my nails... the usual. However, I've recently added a new product to my routine which has replaced my beloved salt and sugar body scrub - A Bit of Rough exfoliating wash cloths have helped me achieving perfectly polished skin, saving a few pennies as no exfoliating creams are needed at all. At The Amazing Blog we think these cloths should be part of every pampering session lover's routine. A Bit of Rough cloths are made of a mix of fibres that are gentle enough to use on our face and effective enough to exfoliate our whole body. These exfoliating cloths get rid of dead skin cells leaving your skin appearing brighter and feeling so much softer - just use your favourite shower cream or face cleanser of choice, and after lathering it, remove the excess product and polish the skin with A Bit of Rough.

These cloths have many uses too; if you're on holiday, use them to get rid of dry skin patches to get a perfect and even tan. And if you see that your fake tan is fading or getting patchy and want to clear it completely, pop some baby oil on the cloth and give your skin a good scrub lathering up afterwards some shower cream, and you'll be good to go. A Bit of Rough exfoliating cloths are machine washable, so pop them into the washing machine with the rest of your laundry after every use. At The Amazing Blog, we can't believe how easy these cloths are to use and to clean!

A Bit of Rough can be purchased from their website - each exfoliating wash cloth is £8.00 and will be posted first class. Postage charge is £2.00 per oder for all UK orders. Buy 3 cloths and only pay for 2, £16.00. For delivery charges outside the UK email A Bit of Rough.