Following yesterday's post on Kraken Rum, and an evening spent sampling the recommended cocktails (which, incidentally, were quite delicious), we at The Amazing Blog thought we'd stick with the same theme and feature the RumFest which is due to hit the streets of London this very weekend. The world’s biggest and best rum festival is taking place at London Excel this Saturday and Sunday (13th and 14th October) and is bound to be a tantalising treat for the taste buds. Offering revellers the chance to sip, savour and buy over 400 of the rarest and most delicious rums from around the world, it’s a fabulous celebration of the Caribbean’s tipple of choice. And in addition to the dark liquid, RumFest’s Tropical Food Area brings the opportunity to try delicious street food and some of the finest Caribbean cuisine. From rumcakes, to infused chocolate and fresh coconuts RumFest really is bringing a little bit of Caribbean beach life to Autumnal London.

And for anyone after a bit of culture there will be workshops and seminars discovering rum's history, where and how it's made plus master classes on rum and chocolate pairing. The Rum University will also be on hand where 'Cocktail historians' will be featured and Ian Burrell's Rum map will be revealed, outlining where rums come from around the world and linking in their flavours and ingredients.

There will also be a cocktail theatre with live demos and competitions, the chance to see some of the most exciting and skilled mixologists create cocktail master pieces and a live band playing exotic rhythms and really bringing a flavour of the Caribbean over to London’s dismal streets.

So whether you’ve got an uneventful weekend ahead of you and are looking for something fun to do or want to celebrate all things rum-related, check out London’s rather wonderful RumFest, tickets available here.