BLEND Collective - Enlivening Hand & Body Lotion

If there’s a step in my beauty routine that I can't skip that'll be body moisturizer - for me there's nothing more uncomfortable than tight and dry skin. When it comes to choosing the actual moisturizer, I’m guilty of being quite picky; I prefer thicker and more buttery textures for the winter and a thin and almost runny consistency for the summer. So bearing in mind that my skin has been very dry for the past weeks, body butter has been my best ally. However, if there’s one thing that I can’t stand of thick creams is waiting for them to be absorbed - especially if like me, you rush in the mornings to go to work. So in my hunt for the perfect deep hydrating body lotion, I came across with BLEND Collective’s Enlivening Hand & Body Lotion – a light yet hydrating, multi-purpose and all natural product.

To be fair, in the beginning I was quite sceptical of the level of hydration this lotion would offer to my dry skin, mainly because of its light and slightly runny consistency. To my surprise and from the first use, it left my skin feeling super soft and deeply moisturized – my skin absorbed it instantly leaving a delicious citrusy smell. And for my surprise, my hands absorbed the excess lotion in a few seconds: I had no need of washing my hands afterwards. This Hand and Body Lotion is part of BLEND Collective’s Enlivening Range, exquisitely blended by Alec Lawless, who was acclaimed as one of the most charismatic and passionate perfumers ever (at The Amazing Blog we’d love to read his book “Artisan Perfumery or Being Led by the Nose”!). The Enlivening Range has this fresh and modern scent, rich in Sicilian Melon, May Chang, Myrtle and Lime. BLEND Collective offers two other ranges: the Balancing and the Unwinding one – created again, by established experts on essential oils and aromatherapy, Emma Nash and Glenda Taylor.

Another thing that we love about BLEND Collective is that all of their products are at least 99% natural and contain organic ingredients – they’re free from potentially harmful and chemical ingredients. Moreover, their packaging apart from being hygienic and very convenient, is recyclable and produced in environmentally friendly factories.

At The Amazing Blog we’d love to try more products by BLEND Collective and we couldn’t be more pleased with the Hand and Body Lotion. This fabulous cream and the rest of their products can be purchased through their website. – BLEND Collective is a definite winner for The Amazing Blog; we’re in love.