Blinds, Curtains and Cushions

At The Amazing Blog  we were discussing the merits of being able to sew in these recessionary times. Personally, I find sewing a bit challenge; it seems to require my total concentration and is a rigid combination of mathematical equations and fragile paper patterns that offers absolutely no margin for error. However, that said it has also been a case of ‘needs must’ when I moved house a few years ago and had no curtains. This is when I first discovered Merrick & Day and  The Curtain Design Directory. In fact, it was so useful that I also lent it to my Mother who proceeded to use these templates of curtain designs for her whole house.

I’m currently returning a home office back to a bedroom and recently attended The National Home Improvement Show to get some inspiration from the Interior Design Guru Susan Llewellyn. She in turn  introduced Rebecca Day from Merrick & Day who talked about her stylish curtain treatments. I managed to track her down afterwards to ask a million questions about her curtain designs, which is when she recommended her book Blinds, Curtains and Cushions. It is beautifully illustrated book with a combination of photographs and clear explanations making it the perfect step-by-step guide.  I have since read it eagerly from cover to cover and am using all the top tips and tricks to make some roman blinds and ahem… perhaps some curtains when I have a little more time! If like me you have great aspirations to be a curtain maker then you can go along to one of the Merrick  Day workshops. The next one starts on 12th November 2012.