Winter Fine Art & Antiques Fair

Looking for some one-of-a-kind pieces for your home or to give others as a gift this Christmas season? Why not head to the 22nd annual Winter Fine Art and Antiques Fair in Olympia. The fair starts on the 12th of November and ends the 18th of November. We at The Amazing Blog thought this would be a great opportunity to view and even purchase some antique pieces for your homes.

The fair attracts a multitude of consumers, from collectors, to interior designers, and even celebrities. Even if you don’t feel like purchasing one of the many classic pieces featured at the fair, why not take a day trip with some friends to take a look at the exquisite antiques and even enjoy a delicious catered meal by Mosimann’s. The fair features about 140 exhibitors from all over who will showcase for purchase the best in classic furniture, textiles, clocks, paintings, prints, sculpture and much more. All items on sale are examined by a team of experts to ensure each consumer is receiving the best in quality and authenticity.

In an elegant setting, there are marvellous pieces on display. Scottish-based, Victorian picture dealer, Campbell Wilson, has an oil on canvas portrait of Isadora Duncan by Paul Swan signed and dated. The most famous dancer of her time, Isadora Duncan is known as ‘the mother of modern dance.’ It is for sale for £15,000. Although most antiques come at a hefty cost, there are more affordable pieces on sale too. For the James Bond lover, Hampton Antiques have several items that could leave you “shaken and stirred.” A very rare Art Deco ‘Smokers’ Companion, in the form of a stylised aeroplane manufactured in the late 1920s will be for sale. This wonderfully rare smoker’s companion includes a cigar box, removable cigarette cases, and ashtrays all included in the design of the aeroplane. It will be offered for £6,500.

Ticket prices and times can be found on the fair’s website here. The Winter Fine Art and Antiques Fair is a great way to enhance the quality of collections in your home, as well as finding some interesting Christmas presents for your family and friends. So head to the Winter Fine Art and Antiques Fair next week, we promise you won’t regret it!