Our Favourite Christmas Fashion Buys

These are The Amazing Blog's fashion picks for these holidays! Hope you enjoy them.

Mi-Clips Shoe Clips is a brand that sells shoe clips that can help users transform and alternate the look of their shoes instantly. Each pair is rhodium plated with a specially developed clip design to be easy and secure. These shoe clips are perfect to give as a small gift or to spruce up your simple shoes for the holidays. They are available in a variety of styles inspired by vintage archives and current fashion trends. Prices start at £16.50 and the full collection is available to buy online from the Mi Clips website and Amazon.co.uk.

Looking for an inexpensive, but unique piece of jewellery to give as a gift this Christmas? Celliana has designed a one-of-a-kind bracelet that would create buzz for any individual who wears it. The bracelet is mixed metal spike and rectangle charm bracelet with a lobster clasp. Its neutral colours will go perfectly with any outfit! You can purchase the bracelet for £12.00 on Celliana’s website here.

CLOX, the shoe brand, has created one-of-a-kind stilettos. These heels are unique because they have clocks on them! The stiletto-clock concept was conceived by the idea of merging time and footsteps. Keeping track of time is a daily struggle for most women today. So now you can not only wear cute heels, but also use them as a tool to tell time while on-the-go. Now, no matter what you have planned during your hectic day, you can balance both time and space. These stilettos are evolutionary. The CLOX stiletto holds strong, yet with poise and class, tracks time perfectly to create an extra moment for yourself, in style. These stilettos would make the perfect gift for your mother, daughter, sister, girlfriend, or any other strong and busy lady you have in your life. No woman could ever have enough shoes in her wardrobe, so why not give her these amazing stilettos while giving her the gift of time as well- she’ll definitely love them! Visit their website for a full list of stockers.

This Christmas why not give the perfect traditional English gift from The Cambridge Satchel Company. These handmade UK leather satchels are the most classic purse you can have in your wardrobe. They are made from the finest quality leather, having a well structured body, an adjustable shoulder strap, and silver buckle closures. The satchels come in different sizes as well. The best part about this satchel is that it comes in so many different colours and styles. Our favourite collections are the Classic, Metallic, and Backpack style. You can purchase any of these satchels on their website here. The Classic satchel retails for £94.00, the Metallic retails for £125.00 and the Backpack retails for £118.00. Each satchel collection is unique, and there are so many different kinds you can find the perfect one for that special someone you are buying for. These satchels truly make great Christmas gifts.

We like featuring bold and unique pieces of jewellery on The Amazing Blog, so that is why we have included Fashionology’s Silver Rainbow Druzy Ring as part of our great fashion gift ideas. This sterling ring with a round titanium rainbow aura stone can pop any outfit you choose to pair it with. Not only is this ring one-of-a-kind with different patterned stones, but it also symbolizes creativity. It stimulates and improves your creativity and replaces negativity with pure loving energy. We love this ring and think it would make such a fun gift to give this Christmas. The ring retails for £50.13 and can be purchased on their website here.

What better accessory to give than a beautiful silk scarf. Jodie Aziz has a line of gorgeous silk scarves that come in many colours and patterns. Our favourite is the Arlene Print Silk Scarf. It is a double layered scarf with orchid purple, orange, blue, and cream printed silk. These scarves are perfect for all year round and will definitely make any outfit pop. The Arlene scarf retails for £38.00, and the entire collection retails between £35.00 and £48.00. You can purchase the scarves on Jodie Aziz’s website here on the Spirit Boutiques website here. I know I would love to be sporting one of these scarves this winter- wouldn’t you?