Peachy Pink Gold

There are times when you come across with products that you simply can't ignore; whether it's because of its effects or the effort and thought put in their design, you just can't get enough of them - they're wonder products. Something similar happened to the gang at The Amazing Blog when we came across Peachy Pink London and their Peachy Pink Gold leggings. The British brand has unveiled a new age-defying gold fabric techonology which is revolutionising the woman's shaping and skincare market. Peachy Pink Gold is created using an exclusive luxury fiber that features 24-carat gold particles. Nygold, the fiber, is the result of a breakthrough in nanotechnology, which is proven to have an anti-ageing effect on the skin. These gold particles supply skin cells with constant moisture - Peachy Pink London claims that as soon as the hyaluronic acid molecules come into contact with the skin, they can reduce the appearance of age spots and even sun damaged skin by keeping them hydrated and plump. These particles act as conductors on the skin to speed up and intesify the absortion of the hyaluronic acid by the skin cells. The natural hyaluronic acid in our skin decreases as we age, leaving skin dull and tired-looking; and this anti-aging techonology has a direct impact on the skin preventing premature aging.

Peachy Pink Gold has been designed to refine the skin whilst hydrating it - at The Amazing Blog we've found that these leggings are as effective as a moisturiser and after wearing them for more than 6 hours, we can definitely tell that our skin looked brighter and even softer.

Once again, at The Amazing Blog we love all rounder products, Peachy Pink Gold gives you the appearance of a more slender body while it protects the skin from free radicals responsible for premature aging.

The Peachy Pink Gold Leggings and High-Rise Shorts are available on their website, they retail at £74.90 and £69.90.